Collaboration program with Galician businesses. A good change for your business.

At the beginning of the year a company is assigned to each student to work with during the whole Master. Students will start working on market research and will develop a digital research model for their company and an online information system as well (a model that the company could implement later on).

Students will agree objectives for the Digital Marketing Plan with the company and will propose a strategy to achieve these goals. That strategy will be analyzed by the expert professors who teach that unit.

Depending on the objectives, the students will select the means and actions and will consult with the experts of each unit the best actions in each mean for their companies. This way, the company can consult with experts the problems that may arise from the implementation in each media with the help of the student. Each student will analyze with the company the offline and online implementation and the legal framework.

Lastly, students will develop dashboards and management templates that the company will be able to use.

This means the companies that participate will not only be able to have an online Marketing plan, but will consult and analyze their problems with experts in the field.

If the company seeks to hire a student or an alumni, they can send us an email tocorreo másterwith the offer description and we will publish it in our job board.

For information about internships please go to our section ‘INTERNSHIPS’.

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