Our main goal within the Digital Marketing Master of the University of Santiago de Compostela is to provide a high quality, very practical and complete training, which would allow the specialists to join easily and effectively the business sector and match the companies’ high demand of specialists in the Digital Marketing area. Every year we revise the Master program to adapt it to the new technologies appearing in the market so the students can offer to the companies the last developments and trends in digital marketing.

If you are a student or an alumni, access to the job board with your password to see the job offers that match your profile best.

Do you know which jobs are the most demanded in 2018?

Digital Marketing Manager, Community Manager, Digital Account Manager, Social Media Manager and SEO & SEM Specialist are the most demanded profiles by the companies in the last year.

Source:  expasion.com

Job board | Students

And, do you know which are the most demanded perfiles de marketing marketing profiles?

Job board | Students
  1. Digital Marketing Manager
  2. Branded Content Specialist
  3. Brand Manager

Source: dircomfidencial.com