Students and companies

– Internships are VOLUNTARY (students decide whether to do them or not).

– Students can do the internship in the same company they did the final project (TFM) or Digital Marketing plan for, or in a different company of their choice.

Companies can propose an internship to the Master students sending an email to explaining the requirements, functions, describing the job and giving a contact person so we can announce it to the students through our job board.

– The student can also look up for a company where do the internship in.


“Alejandro Muga, Digital Marketing Master and Commercial Management student during his internship in the startup accelerator Conector Galicia

– The functions that the student will perform must be closely related with digital marketing (see program).

– Students can work a maximum of 250 hours during their internship (never exceeding 40 hours per week).

– The company and the student will agree the scheduledays of the week and hours per week never exceeding the maximum mentioned.


“Cristina Fernández and Pedro Bouzas with Emanuele Ricciotti during their internship in the company ClickAge

– Internships will be done from 20th November 2018 to 20th November 2019 (no more than 250 hours).

– Students will be assigned a tutor in the company and an academic internship tutor in the university.

– Students will receive a credit for every 25 hours of the internship (maximum 10 credits).

– The above details will be included in the internship agreement (P60 form) and in the teaching guide (P61 form). The company, student and USC must agree to do the internship.

– The internship can appear at the back side of the Diploma if the student requests it.

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*Internships are voluntary and the University of Santiago have no obligation to guarantee their availability.




For more information: Feuga, Foundation Bussiness – Galician University






For more information:

Feuga, Foundation Bussiness – Galician University