Is it mandatory having completed my degree before applying?

Frequently Asked Questions

It is not necessary to have completed a university degree if you want to apply to the Master. Any student can apply online through the application form available on the web.

If you want to apply you must have maximum 30 pending credits to obtain your degree.

Once all Master content is passed at the end of the year, the students must have completed their university degree to be eligible to pay the Master’s certificate issue fees.

Are there any scholarships?

The Digital Marketing Master is a non-official professional development course, which means there is no scholarship available from the Spanish Ministry of Culture and Sports. Currently, the Master does not benefit from any own scholarship. An official call will be published when a scholarship is available.

How can I finance it?

The funding in two payments is possible.

  • First payment will be done at the time of enrollment (3.000 EUR).
  • Second payment must be done in January (3.000 EUR). The USC registration office will notify each student by email with the settlement rates.

Can I choose the company for my final project (TFM)?

Students must create a Marketing plan for a Galician company as their Final Project (TFM). The student can choose the company as long as it is communicated to the administration of the Master before the beginning of the teaching period. Students can complete the final project (TFM) of a company of their choice (of a relative, a friend, etc.).

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I do if I do not have a company?

The Master’s organization will assign a company to each student who does not suggest one for their project.

Can I do the internship in the same company I did the Digital Marketing plan for?

Students can do the internship in the same company they did their final project (TFM) or Digital Marketing plan for, as long as both company and student agree. Also, students can do the voluntary internship in a different company if they prefer to.

Frequently Asked Questions

When will I know that I have been accepted?

The first personal interviews for access will take place at the beginning of June.

On the 8th June the first assigned places will be announced. If needed, a second round of interviews for enrollment or for people on wait list will be celebrated in July. Places will be assigned on 17th July.

There will be a wait list in case of exceeding the number of available places, which may be used in the month of September, the moment of direct enrollment process. The application order will influence the selection process.

Which English level should I have?

Good knowledge of English is valuable but not exclusive during the admission process. Some lessons will be taught in English. In this area, skills in English or in any other language is are fundamental in the career of a digital marketing specialist.

Which computer skills should I have?

The Master starts from scratch. It is not mandatory to be a computer expert to start this Master, as students will be trained from a very basic level.

However, students must be interested and be curious about this area, as a digital marketing specialist must know the new information technologies to do tasks related to it and also try to learn more everyday.

Frequently Asked Questions